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How to Winterize your Hose Bib

Winterizing hose bibs

How to winterize your hose bibs:

  1. Turn on the hose bib so a small stream of water is running out
  2. Locate the shut-off valve inside the house. Shut off the water supply by turning the valve clockwise (or if it’s a lever, turn perpendicular to the pipe)
  3. If you have a bleeder valve, slowly open it to break the air lock *Note: It’s normal for a small amount of water to be released from the valve when opening
  4. Close the bleeder valve *Note: Keep the shut-off valve off until the spring when temperatures remain above freezing and you’re ready to start using your hose bib
  5. Close the hose bib


  • Hose bibs should be winterized each year prior to freezing temperatures
  • Winterization is important, because frozen water lines can result in serious damage to your home
  • Frozen water lines are not covered under warranty. Any damage or repair resulting from frozen water lines is the homeowner’s responsibility

Frequently Asked Questions

My hose bib leaks even when I turn it all of the way off. What can I do?

Customer Care will repair or replace any leaking faucet or valve within one year of settlement.

My water pressure seems low. Can I adjust it to make it stronger?

In some municipalities water pressure is abnormally high, and regulators are installed to reduce the water pressure within the home to maintain appliance life expectancy. Do not adjust this regulator once it is installed. If you feel it should be adjusted, please contact a licensed plumber.

My pipes froze over the winter and are now leaking. Is this covered under warranty?

No. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to drain or otherwise protect water lines and exterior faucets commonly exposed to freezing temperatures, including closing and protection of foundation vents in crawl space areas, when applicable. The homeowner is also responsible for maintaining suitable temperatures in the home as a safeguard against freezing pipes, and in no event should a homeowner turn off the home’s heat while vacationing or otherwise being away from the home.